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Vietnam and Netherlands to work together for sustainable development and green energy

Vietnam and the Netherlands have agreed to work together for sustainable development including green energy.

The two countries have accelerated their partnership in achieving greenhouse gas emissions goals, sustainable agriculture, water management, and climate change adaptation.

To be noted, both the countries have the same ambition to become climate neutral in 2050 by reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

Dutch Ambassador to Vietnam Kees van Baar was of view that close cooperation between the two sides has resulted in new visions, as well as the blooming of business cooperation, with a growing number of Dutch companies doing business and investing in Vietnam, a local media reported.

So far, the Netherlands is the largest European investor in Vietnam.

He further stated that Dutch businesses, with their investments and innovative and sustainable operations, have been contributing to Vietnam’s progress.

Considering cooperation in green trade, the ambassador remarked that since both are delta countries, they are vulnerable to rising sea levels resulting from climate change. Meanwhile, the EU is said to have been developing and implementing new rules to support its climate ambitions which also includes the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism and Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive.

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