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Vietnam and UK dwell on cooperation in renewable energy development

Vietnam and the UK have dwelt on possible cooperation in the field of renewable energy development.

It comes at a time when the UK is the first country in the world to institutionalise the next-zero emission target, while Vietnam is known for huge solar power potential.

Vietnam has immense solar potentials particularly in the southern and south-central regions along with the territorial waters in the south of the East Sea. It also has huge potential in Asia in terms of offshore wind power.

During the latest meeting of the two sides, as per the experts, Vietnam can learn from the experience of the UK, mostly in policy sector. Besides, the UK has also applied the Contract-for-Difference (#CfD) mechanism to support businesses to develop wind power projects, a local report stated. 

They are of the view that Vietnam can learn from the UK's measures which could help it achieve energy transition, a local report mentioned, adding that the UK could support in mechanisms and the development of industries for wind power development.

In Vietnam, industry insiders have argued that the country should upgrade its power transmission systems and build more energy storage systems during the construction of large-scale wind and solar power farms.

In recent times, the development of wind power has been seen as a great opportunity for Vietnam in the future. 

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