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Vietnam proposes incentives for rooftop solar

The initial decree proposes three key incentive measures: exemption of rooftop solar panel installation from strict adherence to the 8th National Power Development Plan, authorization for connection of rooftop power sources to the national grid in cases of excess capacity, and provision of interest rate support for loans utilized for storage equipment investment.

During the meeting, Tran underscored the significance of rooftop solar power in safeguarding national energy security, emphasizing the need for mechanisms and policies to stimulate organizations and individuals to invest in rooftop solar power expansion.

The decree must clearly outline the content, objectives, and eligible entities for rooftop solar power installation under the self-production and self-consumption model, enabling the design of appropriate incentive policies, mechanisms, or safety and fire prevention regulations.

For residential and public buildings adopting rooftop solar systems solely for self-production and consumption, documentation should be streamlined to the fullest extent possible, except for projects with specific safety and fire prevention requirements.

The Deputy Prime Minister instructed a meticulous assessment of the scale of rooftop solar power development to ensure economic viability, safeguard investors’ long-term interests, and promote environmental preservation.

Tran assigned the Ministry of Industry and Trade to collaborate with relevant ministries and agencies to deliberate on the criteria, technical specifications, and requirements for rooftop solar power sources necessitating stricter oversight.


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