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Vietnam’s textile and garment businesses switch to solar power and green production

Vietnam’s textile and garment businesses are considering installing solar power to switch to green production.

The industries are on the way of greening the production chains to achieve sustainable development.

It comes at a time when the EU has proposed the imposition of some eco-regulations on imports. To be noted, EU imports over 4 billion USD worth of textiles and garments from Vietnam annually.

As per the local reports, Vietnamese businesses are shifting towards green manufacturing, including upgrading factories and using recycled fabric and green energy.

Out of many, the Hanoi Textile & Garment and the Hansae group of the Republic of Korea are implementing a recycled fabric production project in Vietnam, a report mentioned.

These two are the first in Vietnam’s textile and garment industry to have a supply chain for recycled products. Vinatex plans to use renewable energy for 10% of its power consumption.

According to Le Tien Truong, Chairman of the Vietnam National Textile and Garment Group, “developing a circular economy and environmentally friendly products is now a trend in the global textile and garment market. From now to 2050, the EU will issue new rules on textile and garment products, with a focus on green ones.”

The companies have been increasing the proportion of recycled, green, and eco-friendly items.

Similarly, the Spectre garment factory will also be partially fueled by renewable energy. It plans to use solar power and reduce some 1,600 tonnes of CO2 annually.


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