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Vietnam seeks EC's cooperation for energy transformation

Vietnam has sought cooperation with the European Commission in energy and power transformation.

Hong Dien, the minister of Industry and Trade recently held a meeting with visiting Executive Vice President of the European Commission (EC) Frans Timmermans and sought cooperation orientations in the future.

The meeting comes at a time when Vietnam and the EU are building and implementing specific action plans to realize the outcomes of the 26th United Nations COP26.

According to local reports, the minister asked for support from the EU for climate change mitigation and green transformation, in the transformation of the growth model towards a green, circular and sustainable economy.

"Both sides discussed many issues of shared concern such as the policy to adapt to climate change, plans to realize commitments at the COP26 and power transformation plans as well as the orientation for the development of a circular economy," a report mentioned.

Vietnam is determined to achieve the target of switching from traditional fossil energy sources to green energy resources to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

For this, the Minister informed that the ministry will prioritize the support to clean and renewable energy projects and is willing to coordinate with partners and donors from the EU in the field.

Vietnam has asked EU to continue to support and give priority to technical and financial support and the transfer of technology to Vietnam.


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