Vietnam to accelerate the wind industry for greener economy

Vietnam is all set to host the Vietnam Wind Power 2022 in December to accelerate the wind industry.

The event will be held on Dec 1-2 in Hanoi gathering key stakeholders in the wind industry. In the energy mix, it sees an alternative mechanism to deploy onshore wind and the route to market strategy for offshore wind.

The government aims to accelerate Vietnam's transition to a greener economy as per the global commitments.

Vietnam Wind Power has been gaining attention and support by various key stakeholders in the wind industry.

Vietnam has a global commitment to achieve net-zero by 2050. The country also has a ambitious wind target in the latest draft of the Power Development Plan VIII. For this, the event is expected to “provide a great opportunity for the wind industry to meet, collaborate, and identify opportunities and solutions to accelerate the deployment of wind energy in Vietnam,” a local report mentioned.

The event will dwell on the role of wind power in global energy transition and in Vietnam’s future energy mix.

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