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Viridi plans a €210M green hydrogen plant in Linares

One of the three renewable methanol projects that Viridi Energas Renovables Espaa, Viridi, and Green Enesys Group are considering for Andalusia and which would ultimately create more than 1,000 employees, is planned to be developed near Linares (Jaén). Arcos de la Frontera (Cádiz) is now the most advanced initiative, with Linares and Córdoba on the horizon.

According to the Andalusian Orienta Service, which also claims that 1,000 new jobs would be created, the Linares factory will produce hydrogen using solar energy.

The Project Accelerator Unit of the Ministry of Industry and Energy will handle the processing of the initiative, according to the Autonomous Administration.

There must be a statement of strategic interest or a resolution reached within the Andalusian Governing Council for a project of this nature to be allocated to the Andalusian Government’s Project Accelerator Unit.

Perales has now brought up the Campus’ Department of Electrical Energy and one of its research teams on sustainable energy that doesn’t release CO2, like green hydrogen.

Even though the City Council does not currently know the company’s deadlines for opening the Linares factory, the mayor emphasized that the Consistory is prepared to “put all the procedures in place to speed up and even the timeframes are shortened and it becomes a reality.” Perales continued, “We can be a very appealing city, and we hope that it will become a reality in a very short period.

The anticipated investment in Linares, like with the Arcos de la Frontera project, is estimated to be over 210 million euros, according to information supplied by Andaluca Orienta. Both for the building of the new facilities and for the expansion of the production, storage, and transportation of ecological methanol, more than 420 jobs will be created.

The Arcos de la Frontera facility will use a hybrid approach to producing green hydrogen (wind and photovoltaic). The project will begin in 2025, and after generating green hydrogen by combining it with bio-CO2, it will be utilized to create green methanol. Around 30,000 tons of green methanol will be produced annually once the facility is running.

According to data published by the Junta de Andaluca, the Cadiz facility will create about 350 jobs, of which 300 will be necessary for construction and 50 for maintenance.

Viridi intends to build the third environmentally friendly methanol production facility in Andalusia near Cordoba. Thanks to solar energy, this Cordoba factory will have the ability to generate 30,800 tons annually.

These kinds of initiatives involve the production of natural gas, which does not emit CO2 when it is produced, reduces reliance on fossil fuels and imported energy, and stimulates economic growth. In order to accomplish decarbonization in a variety of sectors, including industry, mobility, and housing, green hydrogen is viewed as a crucial energy vector.


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