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Wirsol Deploys Large-Scale Photovoltaic System for Steegmüller Vegetable Farm

In a collaborative effort to promote sustainable energy practices in agriculture, Wirsol, a provider of photovoltaic solutions, has installed a significant photovoltaic (PV) system for the regional vegetable growing company Steegmüller in Weingarten/Waghäusel. The PV system, consisting of 1,824 modules and six inverters, boasts a total output of 729.6 kilowatts peak, with an annual electricity production of approximately 899,700 kilowatt hours. This initiative not only ensures energy supply to the farm and reduces energy costs but also contributes significantly to reducing CO2 emissions, with an estimated avoidance of 420.6 tonnes annually.

Located in Weingarten, in the Southern Palatinate region, Steegmüller operates on 350 hectares of cultivated land and employs around 300 seasonal workers during peak times between May and October. This project serves as a prime example of sustainable energy production in agriculture, highlighting the synergy between agricultural operations and environmental protection.

Owner Peter Steegmüller underscores the farm’s commitment to climate protection, stating, “Our own contribution to climate protection is extremely important to us. Our customers are also placing more and more value on climate-friendly production. That’s why we decided on this large PV system.”

Johannes Groß, Managing Director of Wirsol, emphasizes the significance of the project in expanding renewable energies in the region and underscores agriculture’s role in fostering a sustainable future. He commends the professionalism of Wirsol’s employees in integrating the PV system into the farm’s operations seamlessly.

Peter Steegmüller expresses satisfaction with Wirsol’s services, praising the quality of components supplied and the professional installation of the system, aligning with the farm’s standards of excellence.

This initiative not only showcases the potential for solar energy adoption in agriculture but also highlights the tangible benefits of collaboration between renewable energy providers and agricultural enterprises in promoting environmental sustainability.


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