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Xavier Daval supports the dual approach for Europe's solar market

Updated: Mar 6

Joining the German idea of ​​a resilience bonus intended to support the installation of modules manufactured in Europe, the president of KiloWattSol believes that the carbon note model has reached its limits and that the European market “must assume a form of protectionism, in the name of industrial sovereignty” under penalty of being left behind in a strategic energy sector.

While the prices of Chinese solar modules have never been so low, Europe is pressing for the development of renewable energies on the territory and the relocation of the value chain for the manufacturing of photovoltaic products on its territory. Such ambitions still encounter few concrete transcriptions in European and national policies, even if we note some progress including the integration of a local supply objective of 40% in the law on net zero industry (NZIA ) .

To respond to the urgency of the situation and support existing European manufacturers who are unable to cope with Chinese competition, our German neighbors are discussing a proposal aimed at implementing a resilience bonus to encourage installation of panels manufactured in Europe.


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