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Xebec buys UECompression to build North America’s largest RNG and hydrogen plant

Xebec Adsorption Inc., a global developer of clean energy solutions, has acquired all outstanding shares of UECompression, a Colorado-based company (UEC).

UEC was established in 1983 and is a leading designer and manufacturer of air and gas compressor solutions for power generating, industrial, and energy applications.

The acquisition of UEC enables Xebec to expand its production capacity for standardized renewable gas systems by a factor of five in a cost-effective and timely manner, while maintaining UEC’s legacy company as it continues its energy transformation. In addition, Xebec’s global manufacturing footprint is optimized by importing European gas generation products such as Hy.GEN to the United States and by concentrating UEC’s facility on containerized and skid-mounted renewable energy systems. In addition, the acquisition expands the Cleantech Service Network’s coverage by six states (Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, North & South Dakota, and Nebraska) to satisfy the growing demand for local service and support as the demand for standard RNG and hydrogen systems intensifies.

Xebec anticipates that, with no modifications to its operations, it will be able to utilize UEC’s excess capacity to generate between 150 and 190 containerized BGX BiostreamTM biogas upgrading and Hy.GEN hydrogen units each year in North America. The expanded capacity from UEC complements previous expansions in capacity at Xebec’s production facility in Canada.

“By building a 100,000-square-foot manufacturing plant in the U.S., UEC helps Xebec consolidate its position as a leading renewable gas provider. We are responding to the increasing energy shift and the resulting interest in containerized RNG and hydrogen systems with this acquisition. Moreover, as the hydrogen economy expands, UEC’s existing compression expertise in hydrogen will become increasingly relevant. Kurt Sorschak, Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Xebec Adsorption Inc., stated that the acquisition will also assist Xebec in meeting current and future local sourcing requirements.


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