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YTL Power partners with TNB to import 100 MW of power to Singapore

YTL Power International Berhad and Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) have jointly announced trading of 100 MW of electricity from Malaysia to Singapore.

The duo signed an agreement to export and import power through their respective subsidiaries YTL PowerSeraya and TNB Power Generation (TNB Genco). The power supply will be done through the newly upgraded interconnector.

The latest partnership will diversify Singapore’s energy sources to enhance energy security.

This is the the first time that electricity from Malaysia will be supplied to Singapore on a commercial basis, as per local reports. The supply will be done on the basis of the Malaysian Energy Commission’s Guide for Cross-Border Electricity Sales.

According to a local report, YTL PowerSeraya got the importer licence for Malaysia for a two-year trial by the Energy Market Authority of Singapore.

The company will purchase the electricity from TNB Pasir Gudang Energy Sdn. Bhd., a wholly owned special vehicle company by TNB Genco.

John Ng, Chief Executive Officer of YTL PowerSeraya, was quoted in a statement, “YTL PowerSeraya, together with YTL Power International, is honoured to work with TNB Genco, a wholly-owned subsidiary of TNB, the national electricity utility in Malaysia, to contribute our part in diversifying Singapore’s energy sources and further enhancing the nation’s energy security. We believe that this is the first step in our vision of a strong ASEAN power grid, where electricity imports may eventually form a key part of Singapore’s energy mix.”

YTL PowerSeraya has already worked for cross-border power trade.