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Asia Clean Capital to install rooftop PV system at UAC in Vietnam

Asia Clean Capital(ACC) has joined hands with Universal Alloy Corporation(UAC) to power its manufacturing base with renewable energy in Vietnam.

Universal Alloy is a company of Montana Aerospace and plans to achieve its net-zero ambition.

The duo signed a 15-year power purchase agreement, as per which ACC Vietnam will provide UACV with a complete clean energy solution. It will be powered with a 4.3MWp rooftop PV system.

According to ACC, the system consists of 7,172 modules and will produce 5,906MWh and prevent 4,800 tons CO2 annually.

Truong Hoang Nguyen, general director of UACV was quoted in a statement, “At Universal Alloy Corporation Vietnam, we have a vision of achieving net-zero emissions by 2035. Installing the rooftop solar PV system is one of the first major steps that we are implementing in Vietnam to realize this vision.”

He further stated that the company is recycling 98 percent of main raw material in order to become a leading green company in terms of ESG adoption.

Meanwhile, ACCV CEO Michael Viet Luong stated that Universal Alloy Corporation Vietnam sets an example for other enterprises to transition to renewable energy.

“As a preferred partner for multinational companies, Asia Clean Capital Vietnam is committed to providing clean energy solutions that meet the strict standards of Universal Alloy Corporation Vietnam,” he was quoted.

The duo has pledged to contribute to the Vietnamese government’s goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.


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