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Austrian supplier of energy management systems Smartfox starts in Germany

Smartfox, provider of solutions for optimizing photovoltaic self-consumption, is now also selling its products in Germany. So far, the Salzburg company has been active in Austria and Switzerland, where it says it is the market leader.

In addition to the energy management software, Smartfox offers a wall box with an integrated function for photovoltaic excess charging and power-controlled heating rods . The energy manager also works with components from other manufacturers and can also integrate heat pumps and electricity storage. With the Smartfox solution, homeowners in Austria and Switzerland use up to 98 percent of the solar power produced themselves, according to Smartfox.

The team that previously sold Myenergi products from the Cologne location and is now renamed Smartfox GmbH will be responsible for selling the products. “We are really excited to have the experienced team as a distribution partner! The people of Cologne have already introduced Myenergi products extremely successfully on the German market. The fact that they now rely entirely on our Smartfox solutions also makes us a little proud," says Matthias Fischbacher. He founded Smartfox together with Hermann Buchsteiner. Both are managing directors in Austria.

The products are sold in three stages: via the wholesaler to the installation company and from there to the end consumer. The Cologne sales team will also train the German installation partners.


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