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Brazil achieves 30 GW of installed solar power

Brazil has achieved 30 GW of installed solar power till date.

According to the latest data from the country's energy regulator Aneel, out of this total capacity, around 15 GW was deployed in the last 17 months alone.

It has been reported that Brazilian developers deployed around 4.39 GW of new PV capacity in the first five months of 2023. In this, 3.1 GW is from distributed generation systems which are under operation of the country's net metering scheme.

As per the data of Aneel, around 21 GW of the total installed capacity is from distributed generation systems. The remaining 9 GW being from large-scale solar plants.

In addition, a local report mentioned that out of the distributed generation capacity, around 10 GW comes from residential PV systems.

Furthermore, Aneel reported that there are over 102 GW of awarded projects still under construction or under development when it comes to centralized generation.

A local report mentioned that most of the distributed solar generation in Brazil is installed at the consumption site itself.


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