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Brazil awards 950 MW of renewables capacity in A-4 auction

Brazil has awarded around 950 MW of renewables capacity in the latest A-4 energy auction.

A Brazilian government-run energy agency Empresa de Pesquisa Energetica (EPE) allocated around 166 MW of PV capacity in its auction.

The Brazilian authorities awarded 183 MW of wind, 400 MW of thermal capacity, and 189.5 MW of small-sized hydroelectric power.

Out of the five solar projects, they are all located in the state of Pernambuco. A report mentioned that the "selected projects will sell power on the regulated market under power purchase agreements with duration of 15 to 20 years."

According to the energy agency EPE, it plans to hold the A-5 and A-6 auctions later this year. For this, it has already pre-selected 115 GW of projects.


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