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Brazil plans to expand renewables energy investment in Europe

Brazil has joined hands with companies for investment in growing the state’s renewables and green hydrogen sectors in Europe.

The Brazilian state of Piauí has already inked the memorandum of understanding agreements for the same.

State Governor Rafael Fonteles signed MoUs with German company Solar Outdoor Media during his visit to Portugal.

Fonteles remarked, “CEO Luciano Guido just signed our memorandum of understanding and, like other businessmen, intends to make an investment in renewable energy, especially in solar energy, for the production of green hydrogen in Piauí.”

Among many, Celeo Redes Brasil has also signed an agreement to invest in growing its green hydrogen potential. It comes as the companies are keen in doubling their investments in the State.

“We have the opportunity and we would like to continue counting on the government to get these projects off the ground”, Maurício Scovino, CEO of Grupo Celeo, commented.

Similarly, All Energy is another strategic partner in the development of Piauí's clean energy ecosystem. The company has activities including construction and operation of wind and solar plants.

Likewise, Quinta Solar Energia has also signed an MoU as it has a solar plant with capacity to generate more than 1GW.

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