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Coegy Installs 1,200 kWp in France and Enters Moroccan Market

With the opening of two new agencies in Brive and Lyon, Coegy is continuing the development of its photovoltaic installer activities in France from Bordeaux, while closely observing the Moroccan market thanks to its design office located in Casablanca.

Created in 2021 by two fellow students from the National School of Arts and Crafts, Coegy is one of these companies specializing in renewable energy and energy renovation, which has invested in the field of residential photovoltaics to ensure their growth. Accompanied at the start of their entrepreneurial adventure by André Joffre, a graduate of the Parisian engineering school, Jack Przepiorka and Hamza Assermouh wanted, from the start, to “restore confidence in solar energy to individuals, rightly scalded by sometimes unscrupulous practices of certain installers,” admits Hamza Assermouh.

Snail development

In two years of operation, Coegy – a contraction of confidence and energy – has restored power, advising and supporting its clients on their photovoltaic projects in a climate of restored confidence. “By selling at a reasonable price and in a tight contractual relationship, from the design of the plant to its maintenance, including monitoring and control of the installation after each winter and each summer”, according to the two founders of the society. From its headquarters in Bordeaux, Coegy has grown slowly, opening a first agency in Bergerac and two new ones recently: in Brive, in Corrèze, and in Vaulx-en-Velin, in the Lyon region. With the intention of covering all of France by 2025.

Currently, it has twenty-two employees, including twelve technicians forming three installation teams. Although it rarely uses subcontracting, except in cases of peaks in activity, Coegy uses independent salespeople, whom it trains as business providers in its own training center. “When recruiting salespeople, we realized that candidates working in other companies had adopted bad habits. We therefore preferred to train them ourselves in advice, technique and sales, by signing a partnership with France Travail. It allows job seekers to become sales technicians in photovoltaics, with Coegy being paid by the former ANPE for the two weeks of training planned,” explains Hamza Assermouh. 

A design office in Casablanca

Awaiting its qualification to be able to install up to 500 kWp, Coegy sources photovoltaic equipment from ESTG in the Netherlands, BayWA re in Germany, and Voltaneo locally. In 2023, it installed 1,200 kWp and achieved a turnover of 2.5 million euros, which it hopes to triple this year. “The results for the first quarter are very encouraging,” says Coegy.

In addition to its French activities, the Bordeaux company has also decided to set foot in Morocco , the gateway to Africa, by opening a design office in Casablanca. “There is an interesting market and opportunities, especially with luxury residential which is very widespread. More and more villa owners are installing solar panels,” says Hamza Assermouh, present at the last “Solar Expo Morocco” as an observer, invited by the K2 Systems brand. The professional market is more uncertain, according to him: “Even if the Moroccan government no longer penalizes the reinjection of surplus up to 10% of production, the absence of remuneration for the electricity produced , combined with the customs taxes applicable on equipment, further limits the development of projects.


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