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Constant Energy Singapore Holding enlisted as solar power generation sector leader

Constant Energy Singapore Holding announced that it has been placed at the top of the independent solar power providers worldwide.

The company shared that it has been possible after the renewable energy company received such status as infrastructure sector leader in the GRESB infrastructure assessment 2022.

To be noted, GRESB provides ESG performance data and peer benchmarks to investors and managers based on the energy-saving performance of investments in real assets.

According to Constant Energy, it achieved an overall score of 97 out of 100. It means the result recognizes Constant Energy as the PV Power Generation Sector Leader for sustainability performance.

Franck Constant, CEO of Constant Energy, was quoted in a statement, “Becoming the global solar power generation sector leader demonstrates our dedication to accountability and openness in all business activities, which supports our reputation as a reliable partner and the sustainable development we accomplish where we operate.”

With this, the company stated that it will continue its commitment to green energy, transparency and performance.

Meanwhile, Sander Paul van Tongeren, Co-founder and Managing Director at GRESB, remarked, “With accelerating sustainability risks, accessing standardized and reliable ESG data and benchmarks has never been more important to investors. It’s inspiring to witness the collective industry effort from around the world to improve ESG transparency and advance sustainable real assets.”

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