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Construction begins on green hydrogen plant in Harjavalta

Construction on the P2X Solutions’ site in the Harjavalta Industrial Park has started. The first industrial-scale green hydrogen and synthetic methane production facility in Finland will start construction in the fall and be operational by the summer of 2024.

In the Harjavalta Industrial Park, P2X Solutions is constructing Finland’s first green synthetic methane and hydrogen production facility on an industrial scale. In addition to receiving investment support for the project from the Finnish government, the firm has raised money for the building of the plant from Finnish and foreign investors.

We are working well with the local business community and the city of Harjavalta to carry out our first project there. Finland’s energy independence is aided by green hydrogen and its byproducts, which also aid in the green transformation of land and sea transportation and industry. According to Herkko Plit, CEO of P2X Solutions, such expenditures are always required to advance the hydrogen economy, lower emissions, and phase out fossil fuels.

The essential tree removals are the first step in the site’s preparation. The 20 MW plant’s construction will start in the fall of 2022, and it will be finished in the summer of 2024. The facility will help Finland cut its CO2 emissions by around 40,000 tonnes a year, and it will also produce heat and oxygen as byproducts that may be used in industrial operations.

The construction phase of the project will generate about 350 person-years of direct and indirect employment. About 50 permanent employment, including those associated directly or indirectly with the facility or its operations, are anticipated to be generated after the project is complete.

The business intends to construct 1,000 MW of electrolysis capacity over the following ten years, and design work on further units has already started.


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