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CPF to provide support for commercial and industrial solar project in Thailand

The Climate Finance Partnership (CPF) is all set to provide support for Chow Energy’s greenfield commercial and industrial solar project in Thailand.

BlackRock’s leading public-private finance initiative CPF has already entered into an agreement for the same.

The project will have a total capacity of over one gigawatt (GW).

Issuing a statement, it is informed that the project is expected to reduce one million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions during its operation.

Valerie Speth, APAC Co-Head of Climate Infrastructure at BlackRock, said in a statement that the company is committed “to bolster Chow Energy’s business expansion and expand the CFP platform to facilitate capital mobilization into climate-focused investments in emerging markets, where such funding is critically needed. “

The company’s further objective is to accelerate the global shift toward a low-carbon economy.

It has been reported that the current partnership aligns with Thailand’s goal. The country aims to achieve a 30% renewable energy capacity by 2037.


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