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Daimler Developers Fuel Cells For Global Market In India

The Daimler Truck Innovation Centre India (DTICI) is working on technological advancements that will be applied to commercial vehicles across the world. The DTICI is creating hydrogen-based fuel cells that will offer commercial electric vehicles a range of up to 1,000 kilometers.

The technology supporting the usage of zero-emission automobiles would be supported by Bengaluru’s innovation center.

Batteries typically have a range of 500 to 600 km, which is insufficient for heavy-duty trucks and will not provide the necessary range. The hydrogen-based fuel cell that will expand the range to 1,000 km is where our dual approach comes into play, according to Raghavendra Vaidya, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of DTICI.


The creation of charging infrastructure for commercial vehicles is still an issue as the auto industry shifts its emphasis to electric cars.

OEMs are experimenting with hydrogen in city buses, but since hydrogen is difficult to store, the issue is with its production and delivery. India will explore hydrogen internal combustion engines (H2 ICE),” he stated.


While the availability of cars is increasing in the passenger car market, it remains difficult to get business vehicles.

Many trucks are stuck in our manufacturing facilities as a result of the ongoing shortages of semiconductors, he claimed.


He said, “We are working on product engineering and developing sophisticated analytics by leveraging the power of data to improve how businesses run.


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