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Danish island PV Park secure 10-MW battery from Better Energy

Danish renewable energy company Better Energy on Friday unveiled plans to couple its Hoby solar park in Denmark with a 10-MW/12-MWh lithium-ion battery, aiming to respond to the need for improving the grid’s flexibility as more renewables are added.

The energy storage facility is expected to be installed by the end of this year. Once online, it will provide ancillary and frequency control services to domestic transmission system operator Energinet. The system will store electricity and discharge it during high-demand periods.

"As renewable energy production becomes more dominant in the energy system, it is important that new technologies and renewable energy companies also contribute to the balancing market and support the stability of the systems,” said Thomas Dalgas Fechtenburg, senior manager Ancillary Services at Energinet.

According to Better Energy, the proposed battery will be one of the largest ones installed at the site of a solar farm in Denmark.

The Hoby photovoltaic (PV) park on the island of Lolland was brought online in August 2023. It has an annual output of 70 GWh, or enough to supply 43,000 Danish homes.


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