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Duke Energy wins offshore wind lease in North Carolina

Duke Energy bid $155 million to secure the federal lease for 55,154 acres in the Atlantic Ocean 20 miles off Bald Head Island southeast of Wilmington to develop what could be as much as a 1.6-gigawatt wind project.

Duke N.C. President Stephen De May said winning the lease is an important step for Duke as it works to comply with the N.C. Clean Energy Plan adopted in October as part of the Energy Solutions for N.C. Act. “Securing this lease creates optionality for future offshore wind if the North Carolina Utilities Commission determines it’s part of the least-cost path to achieve 70% carbon reduction by 2030 and net-zero by 2050,” he said. “As we continue to assess the area and project potential, we look forward to listening and learning from diverse stakeholders and community members in the region to ensure we are being thoughtful about all aspects of the potential project.”


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