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EDP Renewables kicks off 580MW wind complex in Brazil

EDP Renewables has come up with a 580MW wind complex in Brazil.

The project was inaugurated in the state of Rio Grande do Norte.

According to the company, the project consists of the Monte Verde I-VI, Boqueirao I-II and Jerusalem I-VI wind farms.

The three wind farms have an installation of 138 turbines with a total a capacity of around 3000GWh annually.

Out of these three, Monte Verde I-VI project has an installed capacity of 319.2MW and consists of six parks.

Similarly, the Boqueirao I-II project has 79MW of installed capacity. Likewise, the Jerusalem I-VI project has 180.6MW capacity.

"EDP Renewables is proud to inaugurate the Boqueirao, Jerusalem and Monte Verde wind farms, making a significant contribution to harnessing the energy potential of Rio Grande do Norte, a state that has been driving wind production in recent years,” Duarte Bello, EDP Renewables Chief Operating Officer for Europe and Latin America, was quoted in a statement.

He further stated, “We will continue to monitor the acceleration of renewable energies in Brazil, with over 7GW in wind and solar energy under development in the country, due to come on stream in the next few years."


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