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EDP to install up to 100MW of solar capacity at different sites worldwide

EDP has just announced a global partnership to install up to 100MW of solar capacity at different sites of the world.

The company informed that it has already signed the agreement for the same. As per this, it will install solar capacity at sites of automotive components maker Faurecia.

It has been informed that over 60 self-consumption solar parks will be installed at the company's industrial units by 2023.

Those units are located in different countries like Portugal, Spain, Italy, the US, China, South Korea, Japan, and Thailand.

A local report mentioned, "This is the largest distributed solar energy project secured to this date by EDP and the first to be installed with the same partner in several continents simultaneously."

According to Faurecia, with these installations, it can consume renewable energy produced at its own sites which will reduce its dependency on the energy grid. The company aims to reduce the carbon emissions of its industrial operations.

The duo informed that their partnership is based on an as-a-service model in which EDP will be investing, operating and maintaining panels under long-term contracts.

The duo further said that they are considering over 60 projects with up to 200,000 solar panels.

Faurecia CEO Patrick Koller commented, “Producing renewable energy on our sites is a central commitment to meet our 2025 objective to become CO2 neutral for our in-house emissions.

According to EDP, it has been reaching record values for distributed solar contracted capacity in Europe and Brazil.

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