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Egypt plans to increase renewable energy target to 60 % by 2030

Egypt is gearing up to raise its 2030 target for renewable energy in the energy mix to 60%, up from the current goal of 42%, the country's petroleum minister, Tarek El Molla, said earlier this week.

Speaking at the Shaping a Pragmatic and Realistic Energy Future forum, El Molla said that this is part of the update of the energy strategy that is currently underway.

Moreover, the minister highlighted the launch of the national hydrogen strategy and the establishment of a governance system for its utilisation through the National Council, which has been formed to oversee the hydrogen industry.

In terms of regional collaboration in the realm of low-carbon energy, El Molla emphasised significant opportunities for cooperation in developing energy sources in Egypt. This is bolstered by the presence of infrastructure, logistics, pipelines, ports, and suitable areas for renewable energy projects and green energy production, as well as skilled human resources and the strategic geographical location.

In this context, El Molla underscored the significance of the East Mediterranean Gas Forum (EMGF), which serves as a platform for integrating efforts to leverage existing solutions and foster expanded cooperation.

Other participants in the panel discussion at the forum included Lebanon's energy minister Walid Fayad, Greece's deputy minister for energy Alexandra Sdoukou, EMGF's secretary general Osama Mobarez.


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