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EIH2 to develop a supply chain for green hydrogen between Ireland and Europe

Irish green hydrogen developer EIH2 is all set to develop a supply chain for green hydrogen.

The chain will be built between Ireland and Europe via the Port of Amsterdam.

For this, the company has joined hands with the Port of Cork and the Port of Amsterdam. They have already signed a memorandum of understanding to pave the way. This partnership is expected to support Ireland to become a net exporter of energy over time.

It comes at a time when the Irish Government identified an additional 2GW of offshore wind to be used for green hydrogen production, a local report mentioned.

It has been reported that the partnership reflects the collaboration between Ireland and the Netherlands, and the European approach of working together to become the first net zero continent.

Meanwhile, the offshore wind mission was organised to increase collaboration on the energy transition between Ireland and The Netherlands. It had participants representing supply chain, developers, utilities, policy writers and policy influencers among others.

Pearse Flynn, EIH2’s founder, was quoted in a statement, “Our goal at EIH2 is to help both Ireland and Europe achieve their ambitious energy targets. The recent RePowerEU plan quadruples the role for green hydrogen in Europe. This was reflected in Ireland’s recent carbon budgets, with an additional 2GW of offshore wind planned specifically for green hydrogen production.”

Meanwhile, Conor Mowlds, Chief Commercial Officer of the Port of Cork Company, remarked, “We hope to utilise our facilities at this strategic location, working together with like-minded partners to support the development of renewable energy opportunities.”


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