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Emeren sells two battery projects to Matrix Renewables in Europe

Emeren has sold two battery projects to Matrix Renewables in Europe.


The solar and storage developer sold the 293MW projects in Italy. The projects have a discharge duration of 4-8 hours, and are located in Apulia and Lazio. Both of these projects are in ready-to-build status.


The projects are likely to be achieved by early 2025.


According to the company, the latest transaction reflects the company’s capability to fulfil commitments outlined in the proprietary Development Service Agreement (DSA), a local report mentioned.


Yumin Liu, CEO of Emeren Group, was quoted in a statement, "We are excited to be part of the ever-growing partnership and joint venture with Matrix Renewables, Enerpoint and Kaizen, as it shows we are dedicated to the solar plus storage strategy and mission within Emeren.”


He further added, "While making strides and progress within our storage pipeline execution, we have now successfully sold over 975MW of battery storage projects in Italy." 


In recent times, Emeren has achieved a milestone as it has delivered around 1GW in development. With this, the company is near to its target of achieving a portfolio of 1.5GW battery energy storage system (BESS).


This achievement represents the execution capability within the frame of the partnership with Matrix.


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