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Enact Solar & Sharaf DG Energy reach milestone, surpassing 85MW of UAE solar projects

Enact Solar, the innovative digital platform reshaping solar and energy storage project management, has achieved a significant milestone in collaboration with Sharaf DG Energy. Since its inception in 2017, Sharaf DG Energy, a subsidiary of the Sharaf Group, has successfully completed over 85MW of commercial and industrial projects along with more than 1100 residential installations in the UAE, facilitated by the strategic partnership with Enact.

Nilesh Khalko, CEO of Sharaf DG, expressed enthusiasm about the expanding solar market in the UAE and the broader region, emphasizing the anticipation of further collaboration with Enact. Ramkumar Sunkari, CFO & Business Head – Energy at Sharaf DG, highlighted Enact’s instrumental role in enabling thousands of residential and SMB customers to transition to solar energy. He commended Enact’s platform for streamlining on-grid and off-grid solutions, facilitating scalable outreach efforts, and optimizing overall sales execution.

Deep Chakraborty, CEO of Enact, proudly shared that Sharaf DG Energy’s solar projects in the UAE generate over 140,000 MWh of clean energy annually. This remarkable accomplishment translates to offsetting approximately 100,000 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2), contributing significantly to climate action and promoting clean energy adoption in the region.

“We are thankful to Sharaf DG Energy for giving us the opportunity to make a difference in climate action and accelerate the adoption of clean energy in the region,” added Deep Chakraborty.


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