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ENC develops new heavy-duty hydrogen-electric buses

ElDorado National (California) or ENC, a subsidiary of REV Group, Inc. and a leader in heavy-duty transit buses and emission-free technology, has announced the development of the next generation of its zero-emission products, the Axess Battery Electric Bus (EVO-BE) and the Axess Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Bus (EVO-FC).

Both buses utilize the field-proven Axess platform, a market-leading product in terms of performance and safety, and are equipped with cutting-edge technology that enables extended ranges. ENC offers multiple Axess variants, with delivery anticipated in 2023: Axess EVO-BE in 32′, 35′, and 40′ and Axess EVO-FC in 40′.

“The innovative designs of the next generation Axess EVO-BE and Axess EVO-FC further support ENC’s commitment to revolutionizing the heavy-duty transit bus industry by advancing zero emission vehicles,” said Jason Moore, Vice President and General Manager, ENC. “We are implementing the most ground-breaking low and zero emission technology by working with best-in-class suppliers.”

The Axess EVO-BE of the next generation will feature an industry-leading 738 kWh of battery energy storage. Proterra Powered, a maker of superior battery packs for zero-emission electric cars, supplies the bus’s battery system and energy storage.

Depending on the application, the next-generation Axess EVO-FC bus is designed to have a range of up to 400 miles and will build on the tradition of ENC’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric bus. In 2018, ENC was the first bus manufacturer to pass the 12-year/500,000-mile FTA Altoona test for a hydrogen fuel cell electric bus. BAE Systems, the market leader in electric drive systems and controls for the transit industry, was selected by ENC for its new Gen3 powertrain for the next generation Axess EVO-FC.

The Axess EVO-BE and EVO-FC buses share over ninety percent of its structural platform, propulsion system, and technology. This simplifies aftermarket support, employee training, and maintenance for our customers who operate a mixed battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell electric fleet now or in the future.


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