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Energix Renewables finalizes supply of solar modules for energy projects

has finalized the supply of thin-film solar modules for its energy projects in Israel, Poland, and the United States.

Energix has reached an agreement for modules with First Solar for 5GW (dc) projects. The modules are said to be delivered between 2026 and 2030.

According to the company, it has a portfolio of over 7GW of projects under development.

Earlier, the duo had worked together in various other projects. For instance, Energix had contracted First Solar Recycling Services for management of decommissioned modules, a local report mentioned.

Similarly, Energix had placed over 3.5GW (dc) of orders for First Solar technology since 2017.

“As we grow our pipeline, we want a trusted partner that will not compromise on quality, its commitments, or principles, and that partner is First Solar. This deal, our largest ever, strongly reflects the long-term strategic partnership we share with First Solar,” Asa Levinger, chief executive officer, Energix, was quoted in a statement.

Meanwhile, First Solar chief commercial officer Georges Antoun remarked, “We are pleased that Energix will power its asset portfolio with First Solar’s module technology. This is another example of a large, sophisticated player choosing to de-risk its development portfolio by working with us.”

He further stated that First Solar is investing around $1.3 billion to expand its manufacturing footprint to 10.9GW (dc) by 2026.


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