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European Energy concludes construction of 45MW wind farms in Poland

European Energy has concluded the construction of a group of wind farms in Poland. These wind farms known as Pomerania wind portfolio have a total capacity of 45MW.

The farms are based in north-western Poland, and has five facilities in total.

According to the company, its total wind capacity has reached 59.7MW in Poland following the grid connection of these projects.

The company had started the construction of the portfolio in 2019.

“We are ready to share this experience with other markets, bringing green, local, and affordable energy to all,” Johannes Thon, European Energy’s Head of Projects in Central and Eastern Europe, was quoted in a statement.

According to European Energy, it has over 500MW of its own wind and solar power assets across the world. The company has a presence in 24 countries, while the portfolio includes development pipeline of total 24GW. It has around 1.2GW capacity projects under construction.

“Renewable energy projects contribute to the economic development of the region, including the provision of the clean energy and injecting substantial funds via taxes to the local governments’ yearly budgets, thus helping to improve the key local infrastructure (such as road networks, schools, or leisure areas),” Marek Dołkowski, Siemyśl Commune Mayor, was quoted.


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