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The City of Shawinigan in Quebec, Canada, has been chosen by First Hydrogen Corp. to create its first environmentally friendly hydrogen ecosystem.

The process of securing and developing the appropriate sites for the local production of green hydrogen and the assembling of the First Hydrogen zero-emission commercial cars has now officially started after the Company performed site evaluations.

According to First Hydrogen’s project plan, the company will use cutting-edge electrolysis technology to generate up to 50 MW of green hydrogen, which will then be distributed along the Montreal-Quebec City corridor for use in the company’s light commercial vehicles (LCV) as well as to support other hydrogen-powered vehicles and applications in the area.

The company’s Hydrogen as a Service product line will be combined with the assembly of the first Hydrogen LCVs in Shawinigan for distribution across North America. The assembly plant, which will significantly increase the number of green technology jobs in the area, is planned to have a maximum annual capacity of 25,000 vehicles.

The Company’s strategy closely aligns with the “Plan for a Green Economy” and the “2030 Quebec Green Hydrogen and BioEnergy Strategy” of the Province of Quebec, both of which aim to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, achieve energy independence, and promote environmental prosperity by using green hydrogen to decarbonize and strengthen its economy. The Province of Quebec also offers a stable and encouraging environment for First Hydrogen’s project through its energy, economic, and innovation policies and programs designed to quicken the pace of the switch to green energy.

Additionally, the effort is in line with recent federal government pronouncements that support programs for green hydrogen and low-carbon fuels.


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