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German air navigation services provider prioritizes onshore wind development

German air navigation services provider DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung has prioritized onshore wind development in the country.

For the same, the organization is reducing the size of its protected areas around omnidirectional radio beacons.

It has been reported that this latest development will open new areas to wind turbine installation in the navigation aids region.

According to DFS, it “will make a significant contribution to the transition to renewable energy and required intensive cooperation between a range of official public departments.”

German federal minister for digital and transport Volker Wissing was quoted in a report, “Wind power is of great importance for climate-friendly energy supply in our country. On the basis of the latest scientific findings, we have made it possible in a very short time to reduce the safe distances between wind turbines and air navigation and meteorological facilities.”

He further stated that this will lead to a quicker expansion of wind power generation.

Federal minister for economic affairs and climate action Robert Habeck was quoted, “We will have more areas for wind energy whilst safeguarding the safety of radio navigation.

It is expected that this move will be important to issue permissions for future planning applications for wind turbines.

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