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Germany has opened the first round of 2023 tender for solar systems aims to 1,950MW befor March 1

The Bundesnetzagentur has opened the first round of 2023 tenders for large-scale solar systems, aims to achieve total volume of 1,950 MW. All bids for auction are supposed to submit no later than (including) March 1, 2023.

Since Jan of this year, the requirements of renewable auctions have been adjusted already, it's only necessary to particiate in auction for systems with the capacity which over 1MW although along with a limitation of 6MW applies to all solar PV projects for RE communities. Meanwhile, the regulation as restricting systems must be ground-mounted was lifted as well.

Bundesnetzagentur has recently raised the maximum value for tenders, as the ceiling price is now €0.0737/kWh for ground-mounted PV systems in 2023 Q1. This is to on account of higher component, installation challenges and financing costs in order to avoid unsubscribed tenders.


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