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Global Wind Energy Council Comes up with Action Plan Focusing on Renewables

The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) has stressed on adopting more renewables and address energy and climate change crises.

It published a five-point action plan to help policymakers for the sane.

“Accelerating renewables to achieve energy security, affordability and climate action”, the action plan reads, adding that it addresses the need to restore order to energy markets while meeting climate goals and creating a secure, stable energy transition.

Ben Backwell, GWEC CEO, was quoted, “The world is facing twin crises of energy security and affordability on the one hand and the threat of accelerating global heating on the other. It needs to make a decisive shift away from fossil fuels, rather than prolonging reliance on them.”

He further stated that only renewables can deliver clean and reliable electricity to citizens and businesses.

As per reports, the five actions include streamline permitting to produce a huge increase in wind capacity and build a net zero-compatible project pipeline, implement a grid access action plan, launch mechanisms for clean power procurement and pricing.

It also suggests avoiding locking in large-scale fossil fuel-based generation and committing to firm energy transition plans.

According to GWEC, policymakers must prioritise the energy transition.


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