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Goldbeck Solar GmbH kicks off first two solar farms in Chile

Goldbeck Solar GmbH has kicked off its first two solar farms in Chile. The German solar developer inaugurated the farms with smaller scale facilities close to 24 MWp.


According to the company, the 12.09-MWp Paillihue solar farm is equipped with 22,176 bifacial panels. The plant will generate some 23.3 GWh of electricity per year, which is enough to power about 10,000 households.


Similarly, the 11.67-MWp Laja solar farm consists of 21,616 bifacial panels. The solar will be capable of generating around 21.2 GWh annually.


Both plants are located in Bio Bio province in central Chile, the company said.


As per Goldbeck Solar, the company closed a debt facility with French fund Rgreen Invest to support these projects, a local report mentioned.


The two solar farms would operate under the Chilean PMGD scheme for distributed generation.


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