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☀️🤝 GreenYellow and Foxconn’s Fushan Technology Vietnam Seal Solar Power Purchase Agreement for Sustainable Energy! Learn How This Partnership is Driving the Renewable Revolution!

GreenYellow and Fushan Technology Vietnam, a subsidiary of the Foxconn Group, have recently inked a significant power purchase agreement.

The operational solar power system delivers an annual average of 6,500 kWh of renewable energy to the factory, resulting in a substantial reduction of 4,693 tons of CO2 emissions.

This collaboration signifies a pivotal moment in the enduring partnership between GreenYellow and Fushan, paving the way for future endeavors encompassing comprehensive solutions in Energy Optimization, Storage Systems, electricity storage, and electric vehicle charging stations.

The project is a crucial stride towards Fushan’s commitment to transitioning to clean energy, optimizing electricity consumption, and aligning with the sustainable development objectives of both the company and the Foxconn group, as highlighted by Ms Tran Thuy Tien, a representative of GreenYellow.


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