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Hino South Africa's environmental drive: Doubling solar energy at Durban plant

Hino South Africa, a key player in the automotive industry, is making significant strides in its commitment to environmental sustainability at its manufacturing plant in Prospecton, near Durban. With a dedicated focus on greening its electricity supply and minimizing waste, the company aims to contribute to Hino Motors Limited’s Environmental Challenge 2050, striving for carbon neutrality.

Anton Falck, Vice President of Hino SA, emphasized the company’s commitment to lowering the carbon footprint of its products and manufacturing facilities. Notable progress includes doubling the energy output from its solar roof panel project this year, reaching a total energy output of 1,400 kWp. The expansion involves covering an additional 6,600 m2 of roofing with solar panels, reinforcing the company’s dedication to renewable energy.

In line with its environmental goals, Hino SA is working towards becoming a zero-waste-to-landfill manufacturing facility. The company has set ambitious targets for waste diversion, aiming to divert 81% of factory waste from landfills in 2023. Waste segregation at the source and various disposal methods, such as incineration for dry hazardous waste and the innovative Bugology Treatment for food waste, contribute to these efforts.

The Bugology Treatment involves recycling food waste through the feeding of maggots, specifically the Black Soldier, resulting in compost within a nine-hour cycle. This approach not only reduces waste but also aligns with the company’s commitment to combatting the harmful effects of food waste on the environment, as highlighted by the World Wildlife Fund.

Hino SA’s waste reduction initiatives extend to packaging materials, with a shift towards less wood usage and increased reliance on returnable containers. Plastic part protectors and strapping are separated for reuse or recycling, further contributing to the company’s environmental goals.

Falck expressed satisfaction with the progress made, stating, “I am satisfied with our rate of progress towards Hino’s environmental goals and pleased by the commitment shown by our team members to meet our ever stiffer targets.” Hino SA’s dedication to sustainability reflects a broader industry trend towards eco-friendly practices and carbon neutrality.


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