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IBC Solar Introduces Complete Photovoltaic System with New Sales Concept

With “IBC HomeOne”, the photovoltaic system house takes over customer acquisition in an online-based sales concept. After assembly, it is also responsible for fault management and maintenance.

IBC Solar announces the trade fair premiere of its new complete photovoltaic system “IBC HomeOne” for the Munich Intersolar. The company is taking “an important step on our path to becoming an integrated service provider for energy self-sufficiency and zero emissions,” says CEO and Chairman of the Board Dirk Haft.

The components are only part of the innovation: The “IBC HomeOne” primarily includes an innovative sales and service concept.

What is new about “IBC HomeOne” is not the components of the system, but the sales and service concept behind it. Under the slogan “Leads delivered to your home, save time, increase success”, the photovoltaic system house from Bad Staffelstein is promoting the fact that in the future, installer companies will neither have to worry about customer acquisition nor pre-planning for home projects. IBC Solar also takes care of any services that may arise after commissioning.

In an online-based process, interested customers can carry out the preliminary planning of a photovoltaic system with the support of IBC Solar. The contacts (leads) created and prequalified in this way are then passed on to one of the installation partners. This takes care of the detailed planning and installation of the system. The partners then “hand over everything else, such as fault management and maintenance, back to IBC Solar,” according to a statement.

With the concept, IBC Solar is obviously trying to create an alternative to the already established concepts in which online sales companies work together with locally or regionally operating solar installers. Around 180 companies from all over Germany are currently registered as “IBC HomeOne specialist partners”. This means you can “focus fully on your core business again: the assembly and installation of PV systems,” is how IBC Solar promotes its concept. After installation, you can also hand over “everything else, such as fault management and maintenance,” to IBC Solar, which provides a customer hotline and service teams for this purpose.


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