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IberBlue Wind to develop 990 MW floating offshore wind farm in Portugal

IberBlue Wind has announced plans to develop the floating offshore wind farm in Portugal.

The Botafogo offshore wind farm will be located off the coast of Figueira da Foz.

It has been informed that the farm will consist of 55 wind turbines, each having a capacity of 18MW. In total, the wind farm will have an installed capacity of 990MW.

The wind farm will spread across an area of 359sq km. It will be constructed on floating platforms anchored to the seabed.

According to the company, “the implementation of this project requires close collaboration with different stakeholders,” a local media mentioned. Considering this, IberBlue Wind is joining hands with ports and regional and local institutions.

Adrián de Andrés, Vice President of IberBlue Wind was quoted in a statement, “Figueira da Foz is a region with great potential. Besides the high wind strengths and the existing port infrastructure, it’s located near to the centre of the country where there is significant demand for energy from both industrial and private consumers.”

To be noted, Figueira da Foz was proposed by the Portuguese government as a destination for offshore renewable energy exploration. It is one among the five areas selected by the government.

The location has high wind potential, port infrastructure and low impact on other activities in the area, making it’s a suitable destination for the project.


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