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Iberdrola Bolsters Italian Presence, Set to Construct Country’s Largest Solar Plant

Iberdrola has inked an agreement with IB Vogt to construct a 245 MW photovoltaic project in Sicily. An additional 60 MW could be added to the capacity in the future, increasing the total capacity to 305 MW.

245 MW is sufficient to meet the needs of more than 140,000 families.

The project, named Fenix, will enter its construction phase in March 2024. It is billed as the largest under-construction photovoltaic project in Italy. Currently, there are only 60 plants with more than 10 MW capacity.

Once 424,638 PV modules of the project are operational, the plant is expected to produce around 400 GWh annually. This will eliminate the emission of 119,000 tonnes of CO2. Additionally, the project will also create employment opportunities both during the construction and operations phases.

The project strengthens Iberdrola’s presence in Italy and its contribution to the country’s energy security. Based on current estimates, the company will have330 MW under construction in Italy in 2024 and another 40 MW in early 2025. A total installed capacity of 400 MW will catapult Iberdrola among the leading renewable operators in the country.

“This is a further step in Iberdrola’s growth in Italy,” says Valerio Faccenda, Country Manager of Iberdrola Renewables in Italy, who highlights how the company “has undoubtedly laid a solid foundation to achieve the 2030 and 2035 targets, with a 100% renewable portfolio of more than 115 wind, photovoltaic and storage projects in advanced stages of development with a total capacity of 5 GW”.


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