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Ilmatar files an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for a large-scale solar project in Sweden

Finnish renewable energy company Ilmatar Energy Oy said on Tuesday that it has finalised the environmental impact assessment (EIA) for a 550-hectare (1,359 acres) solar farm it seeks to build in Sweden.

The proposed solar farm, set to be located in Olivehult in Motala municipality, stands to become the largest such facility in Sweden and one of the largest in Europe, according to Ilmatar.

It took the company one and a half years to complete consultation and all investigations under the EIA process. The application for environmental approval has been sent to the County Administrative Board in Ostergotland.

“The next step is for the County Administrative Board to come back with further questions or requests for supplementary information, a process we hope can be completed before summer,” said Robert Wedmo, Permit Manager at Ilmatar in Sweden.

In the meantime, Ilmatar is working to get the grid connection permit for the project, anticipating an annual electricity production of around 500 GWh.

The Olivehult solar farm is also planned to coexist with sheep grazing in collaboration with a local farm.


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