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Ilmatar Submits Permit for 450MW Tönnersjö Solar Farm in Sweden

Nordic energy company Ilmatar has announced the submission of an environmental permit application for the Tönnersjö solar farm, a significant renewable energy project in southwest Sweden. The proposed 450-hectare solar farm, located in the County of Halland, is expected to have a capacity exceeding 450 megawatts, which could power over 23,000 households.

Planning for the Tönnersjö solar farm began in 2022 when Ilmatar signed a land lease agreement with forest owner Silvestica Green Forest. The project, aimed at contributing to Sweden’s renewable energy goals, has undergone rigorous environmental impact assessments and consultations before the permit application was formally submitted to Halland County authorities.

Robert Wedmo, Ilmatar’s Head of Permitting, emphasized the significance of solar power as the fastest-growing energy production method. He highlighted Ilmatar’s achievement of surpassing a one-gigawatt milestone in solar energy permit applications for Sweden, underscoring the company’s commitment to clean energy development.

The Tönnersjö solar farm is strategically located to enhance energy production in Sweden’s southern electricity area SE4. With the majority of the project planned on production forests, Ilmatar aims to minimize ecological impact while prioritizing areas with low nature values for solar energy production.

Christian Gustafsson, Country Director for Ilmatar in Sweden, emphasized the company’s innovative approach to power generation, focusing on areas with minimal ecological impact. He highlighted Ilmatar’s readiness for substantial development pending permits and grid connections.

The collaboration between Ilmatar and Silvestica Green Forest reflects a shared commitment to environmental sustainability. Rickard Lehmann, Senior Advisor at Silvestica Green Forest, expressed enthusiasm for the project, emphasizing its alignment with Silvestica’s environmental objectives and contribution to renewable energy generation


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