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Iloilo province, Philippines, attracting significant renewable energy investment

In a strategic move to boost renewable energy initiatives, the Province of Iloilo is set to become the focal point for major investments in the sector. This initiative aligns with the Government Energy Management Plan (GEMP) and is further supported by a Provincial Ordinance advocating for Renewable Energy.

The province has garnered serious interest from at least three prominent entities with firm proposals to establish solar farms within its boundaries. Notable among these proposals is the 35-megawatt solar farm by Palm Concepcion Power Corp’s Solaris Company, earmarked for development in Ajuy.

A pivotal meeting was convened today, bringing together the Investment Facilitation Network under the Local Economic Development and Investment Promotion (LEDIP) office, officials from PCPC Solaris, and Ajuy Mayor Jett Rojas.

The collaborative efforts aim to streamline the permit and licensing processes required for solar farm projects. Officials from the pertinent agencies committed to expediting these essential documents as soon as the proponent and LGU Ajuy submit their requisite paperwork.

Governor Toto Defensor emphasized a clear and time-bound mandate to facilitate and support these investors, aligning with the Ease of Doing Business policy. The proactive approach is geared towards realizing the province’s MoRProGRes vision by attracting substantial investments, ultimately generating more job opportunities and fostering economic growth. The province is poised to become a significant player in the renewable energy landscape, contributing to both sustainability goals and local prosperity.


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