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Indian Karnataka state to build 1 GW of pumped hydro storage plant

Indian state of Karnataka is all set to construct 1 GW of pumped hydro storage plant.

According to the Power Company of Karnataka Ltd, it is accepting bids to develop up to 1 GW of pumped hydro storage plant. The minimum bid capacity is 100 MW.

The plant’s location could be anywhere in Karnataka, but connected to the intra-state transmission system.

The company informed that the project will be set up on a build-own-operate basis.

To be noted, Karnataka is one of India’s top five renewable-rich states. It has immense potential in renewables, as there is an estimation of 155 GW of RE potential.

According to the State’s Renewable Energy Policy 2022-27, it “focuses on the development of the energy storage market including pumped hydro storage in the state.”

The aim for its development is to “integrate more RE into the grid and offer grid support services such as peak reduction, curtailment management, contribution to reliability needs, managing intraday variation and seasonal variation,” a local report mentioned.

It has been reported that the bidding for the project will closes on March 12.


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