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Israel Launches Accelerator Plan For Renewable Energy Initiatives In 20 Municipalities

As part of the “Accelerator” plan to advance renewable energy initiatives at the local level, 20 Israeli municipalities, in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, will develop a comprehensive strategy.

This plan encompasses measures like enhancing energy efficiency, promoting electric mobility, generating renewable energy in households, commercial, and industrial sectors, and expanding the infrastructure for electric vehicle charging stations.

The Ministry emphasizes that this program is poised to enhance residents’ quality of life, contribute to cleaner localities, and result in cost savings for municipalities.

Minister Eli Cohen underscores the significance of the accelerator program, anticipating improvements in city aesthetics, residents’ well-being, energy conservation, and increased investment in welfare, education, and infrastructure.

The Ministry commits to ongoing collaboration with local authorities to serve all citizens of Israel in both routine and emergency situations.


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