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Iv-Offshore & Energy develops hydrogen production platform

Iv-Offshore & Energy, a Dutch engineering firm, has created a platform that can generate 85 kilotonnes of hydrogen annually using offshore wind energy.

According to the business, the platform’s 500 MW capacity allows it to create enough green hydrogen in a single day to power more than 300,000 hydrogen automobiles for at least 100 kilometers. The platform has a 10,000 kg per hour green hydrogen generation capability, according to the material on the firm’s website.

From the process design and the integration of the electrolyzer systems through the Balance of Plant, jacket design, and auxiliary systems, Iv-Offshore & Energy handled the entire design of the offshore hydrogen platform.

The Sofia offshore wind farm in the UK’s RWE is similar in size to the offshore hydrogen production platform’s 1.3 GW High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) substation that the business also developed.


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