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Jakson Group wants green hydrogen projects

According to Sameer Gupta, the group’s chairman, and managing director, green hydrogen projects will be built by the energy and infrastructure business Jakson Group throughout West Asia and North Africa.

The clean energy division of the business, Jakson Green Pvt. Ltd., would be in charge of the international green hydrogen projects. The intention is to hunt for hydrogen and ammonia projects in India and the MENA (the Middle East and North Africa) area in addition to solar EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) projects. We have also established offices in Dubai and Johannesburg to further investigate the possibilities.”

He noted that the Jakson Group is also in discussions with possible partners in the area.

Investor interest in the sector has grown as a result of the possibility for West Asian and North African nations to serve as the world’s top producers of green hydrogen.

According to an internal assessment by Abu Dhabi’s Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC), the area is expected to be the world’s leading provider of green hydrogen, accounting for the majority of low-carbon hydrogen projects with an export focus.

UAE has a majority share of roughly 29% of green and blue hydrogen energy projects as of 2021, followed by Egypt and Morocco at 19.35%, each.

ReNew Power is one of several domestic renewable energy firms aiming to establish green hydrogen plants in the area.

In July, ReNew and the Egyptian government’s sovereign fund signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to establish a green hydrogen production facility at the Suez Canal Economic Zone. In order to construct a green ammonia plant in Oman, ACME Group inked a land deal in June.

According to Gupta, Jackson Group also intends to establish green hydrogen projects in India and is in contact with a number of states. “We are speaking with certain state administrations as well as others in the MENA area outside.”

The firm is also considering strategic alliances and acquisitions in other “futuristic energy “companies that make fuel cells, batteries, and electrolyzers. “We are looking for long-term ties, either through acquisitions or strategic alliances where both firms would financially participate “Gupta tacked on.

The company participates in the manufacture of solar modules, solar power projects, and distributed energy businesses. Battery energy storage systems are a part of distributed energy.

According to him, it can now produce 600 MW of solar modules but plans to grow to 1 GW by the end of 2022.


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