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leader of IGBT—Infineon, the price will increase!

In 2021, in addition to the solar module price hikes, The biggest concern is the shortage of inverter supply.

In China 2021, driven by the growth of residential PV, The installed capacity of distributed photovoltaics has almost doubled compared to last year, driving the significant increase in demand for low-power inverters.

According to many distributed dealers, they can’t even get the goods in some months.

The fundamental reason for the shortage of inverters is the lack of supply in core components such as IGBT.

In 2022, low-power inverters may still have the problem in supply.

Infineon sent a notice titled "Customer Information: Recent market and cost developments" to distribution partners on February 14.

It is seen that” Increased investment by our global manufacturing partners to address high utilization rates are leading to a additional costs,therefore,suppliers are passing on higher price levels to us.In addition,Infineon and its manufacturing partners are equally affected by the surging cost of major raw materials,energy commodities and logistics reflected in the global rise of inflation.We are bearing these cost hikes both through our in-house manufacturing and with frontend and backend manufacturing partners. ”

Moreover,A person from supply chain revealed that Infineon's agents have notified the price increases to their downstream partners, but the specific products and increase rates have not been disclosed.


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